Aeolus is celebrating one year of serving the offshore wind market

Published September 19, 2017

Aeolus is celebrating one year of serving the offshore wind market. And what a year for the offshore wind industry with many world’s firsts!

  • First offshore wind farms operational in USA, Taiwan and Finland,
  • First 8MW turbines spinning at Burbo Bank and Walney extensions,
  • First floating offshore wind farm, the 30MW Hywind project, being installed in Scotland,
  • Germany seeing first subsidy free offshore wind farms being awarded and the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK seeing projects being awarded below € 80/MWh making offshore wind truly cost competitive against traditional fossil fuel power generation,
  • Largest non-recourse financed offshore wind farm, the € 2.8 billion Gemini project being completed safe, ahead of schedule and under budget.

For Aeolus, it was a great year too. Serving clients ranging from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal, Aeolus has started as a truly international company providing technical, commercial and strategic advice to its customers.

It has provided presentations ranging from one of the leading banks in offshore wind financing, a research institute in the Netherlands and master’s students at the Technical University of Lisbon. Aeolus provided a market analysis for a major industrial player and is helping an oil and gas company diversify to offshore wind.

Aeolus is also helping one of the largest operational offshore wind farms in the world, the 600MW Gemini project setting up an asset management system and being accredited against ISO 55001. The system will ensure that risk awareness and continuous improvement are embraced for the project’s lifetime. Gemini is already producing renewable electricity for 1.5 million people, while reducing CO₂ emissions by 1.25 million tonnes per year.

About Aeolus Aeolus is an independent offshore wind energy consultancy supporting projects, lenders and investors worldwide on technical and commercial aspects and helping de-risk projects.


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