Introducing Aeolus

Offshore wind is growing in Europe and worldwide, changing the energy mix of countries towards a sustainable energy future.

Aeolus, named after the Greek god of wind, is an independent offshore wind energy consultancy firm established in 2016 to serve this market. It was founded by Marios Papalexandrou and it is based in Brighton, UK.

Our mission: Unlocking sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Helping clients unlock sustainability by developing, financing, realising and operating offshore wind farms is what we aim for.

Our drive is to meet and exceed client expectations by bringing enthusiasm to our work and add value to the projects we are involved with, providing high quality services.

What we do

We provide offshore and onshore wind energy consultancy services supporting projects, developers, lenders and investors on strategic, technical and commercial aspects, being a bridge between technical and financial worlds. De-risking projects is what we aim for.

Our services include amongst others:

  • market analysis,
  • feasibility studies,
  • risk management,
  • interface management,
  • technical and commercial due diligence,
  • O&M strategy,
  • cost modelling (CAPEX and OPEX),
  • ISO 55001,
  • presentations and training.

Feasibility studies

Due Diligence

Cost modelling

Interface Management

Risk Management


How we do it

Combining pragmatism, commitment, lessons learnt and a positive attitude we help clients meet their goals. We know what it takes to realise offshore projects with hands on experience in realisation of more than 1GW of offshore wind farms.

Focusing on interface details but always keeping an eye to the overall picture is our strength. We bring to your project 9 years of offshore wind experience covering development, construction and operation of over €4 billion of offshore wind assets.

We draw on direct personal experience as technical advisor leading 3 projects to financial close, following 3 projects during construction and 2 projects during operations. Details of our involvement per project are provided below.

Experience per project


Our experience covers the full life cycle of offshore wind farms including technical advisory for the development and construction of the largest ever non-recourse financed offshore wind farm, the €2.8 billion Gemini project.

Further information on the projects we have contributed to during our past work can be found below:

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58 Francis Street BN1 4ZJ, Brighton, UK

+44 7586458331

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